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How to shampoo a wig?

by Sarah Ibeabuchi 03 Jan 2023

Wigs allow you to easily change your hairstyle without changing your original hairstyle. There are various types of wigs, such as synthetic hair and human hair, and the care method differs depending on the material. This time, we will introduce the types of wigs and shampoo methods.

 How to wash the wig for:

Synthetic hair

  • Brush the entire wig
  • Fill the basin with water and dissolve the wig shampoo
  • Press the wig to wash it
  • Drain the water and put it on the wig stand naturally to dry

For human/mixed hair

  • Brush the entire wig
  • Fill the washbowl with water and dissolve the commercially available shampoo
  • After washing, rinse with lukewarm water
  • After drying with a towel, apply treatment and let it dry naturally

Precautions when shampooing the wig

In the previous section, we introduced how to shampoo wigs by dividing them into synthetic hair, human hair, and mixed hair. What are the things to be careful about when shampooing a wig?

  • Avoid using a dryer
  • Use a wig stand when drying naturally
  • Brush the hair from the tip to understand the correct shampoo method to make the wig last longer!

Avoid using a hair dryer

Regardless of the material, blowing hot air from a dryer on a wet wig not only damages the hair, but also causes deformation and undulation.

Natural drying is preferable, but if you need to dry it quickly, use a dryer with cold air. However, if the wig is made of heat-resistant fiber, it can withstand up to 180 degrees, so you can use hot air from a dryer.

Use a wig stand when drying naturally

It is common to use either a “wig stand” or a “wig stand” when drying a wig. However, since the wig base is made of Styrofoam, it feels stable when the wig is put on.

On the other hand, the wig stand is made up of only a framework to support the wig, so it has the advantage of being breathable and easy to dry. We recommend using a wig stand when air-drying your wig.

Brushing from the tip of the hair

Brushing the wig before shampooing has the advantage of removing dust, dirt, and tangles, but it can cause hair loss if you are not careful.

If you suddenly brush from the roots, it will be easier to apply force, which will damage the hair and make it easier for tangled hair to come out. is important.

Let’s make the wig last longer by understanding the correct shampoo method!

This time, we introduced the characteristics of wigs and the correct shampoo method. There are three main types of wigs on the market: synthetic hair made from synthetic fibers, human hair made from human hair, and mixed hair made from a mixture of synthetic and human hair.

It is important to understand the correct shampoo method for each characteristic. Proper shampooing will make your wig last longer.

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