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3 Things You Should Know Before Owing a Wig

by Sarah Ibeabuchi 03 Jan 2023

What types of wigs are there?

Wigs are roughly divided into full wigs and partial wigs. A full wig also called an all-wig, is a wig that covers the entire head.

Put it on like a cap after gathering it up so that the natural hair is not visible. This type is also recommended for special occasions such as parties and events when you want to have a different hairstyle for just one day.

You can enjoy a makeover without worrying about the color or length of your hair at that time. Depending on the length of the hair, it is called long, medium, or short. As a rough guideline, short hair and bob styles that are shorter than the chin line are short, those that are longer than the chin line and shorter than the collarbone are medium, and those that are longer are long.

While a full wig is worn over the entire head, a partial wig is a wig that is partially fixed to areas of concern, areas that you want to add, or areas that you want to change.

This wig is recommended for those who want to add a little change to their usual hairstyle because it is easy to wear because it can be arranged to make use of the natural hair, and it only partially covers the head.

Among partial wigs, there are types such as half wigs and bangs wigs. A half wig is a type that is attached from around the whorl to the back, and you can enjoy changing and arranging the length of your hair.

The bangs are left untouched and the back hair is fixed with hairpins, etc., so discomfort such as stuffiness is reduced compared to the full type. Bangs wigs are only for the bangs, and many of them are easy to wear, just clip them on.

It is an item that helps people who usually have a one-length hairstyle to make bangs, change it into a bang, or when cut their bangs too much.

In addition, there are wigs such as neckline wigs, ponytail wigs, bun wigs, extensions, etc. that can be worn as hair accessories when you want to look fashionable. If you want a little more volume in this part, or if you want a bun style but it doesn’t work out, you can solve a little problem by using a partial wig, and you can expand your fashion range.

How to choose a wig that suits you

There are various purposes, such as to cover areas of concern or to enjoy a different style, but unnaturally conspicuous wigs are something that other people will be concerned about. In order to make it look natural and fashionable, there are some tips when choosing.

When choosing a full type, the whorl is the point. By checking the volume, parting, and whether the hair grows naturally, you can choose a wig that will not be easily recognized as a wig.

Another important point is whether the size can be adjusted. Full-type ones are basically one-size-fits-all, but recently there are more and more ones that can be adjusted with an adjuster. You can adjust the tightness and other details, so you can wear it comfortably for a long time.

In the case of the partial type, it is important to choose the color to match the natural hair. Choosing a color that is the same as your natural hair color or slightly lighter will give you a softer impression.

If possible, you can accurately see the difference in color between your natural hair and the wig by going outside and comparing it with your natural hair under the sunlight. In the case of mail orders, there are stores that carry color samples, so if you order them and check them, you can avoid mistakes such as the color you expected and the one you received.

In addition to the color, choose a hair type that is closer to your natural hair, such as making the thickness of the hair the same as your natural hair, and making the shine and gloss less unnatural than your natural hair.

How to care for your wig

As you use the wig, dust, oil, sweat, etc. will adhere to it and make it dirty, and the hair will get tangled. In order to use it beautifully for a long time, care is essential.

The first is to brush after every use. The longer you leave the tangled hair, the more difficult it becomes to untangle. After using it, it is effective not only to brush it on the same day but also to brush it before use to prevent tangling.

Spraying an oil spray when brushing will reduce friction, reduce pain, and make the wig easier to pass through with your fingers, giving it a glossy look.

The second is shampooing. Dissolve shampoo in the water soaked in the basin, push the wig and wash it to remove dirt. In addition to stains, when you use styling products such as wax or spray, or when you have a habit, you can restore it to its original state by shampooing.

If you wash it too much, it will hurt, but if you leave dirt on it, it will also cause pain. You can use a commercially available shampoo to wash your wig, but if you use a special shampoo, it contains ingredients specifically for the fibers used in the wig, so it is less discolored and less painful. It will be finished.

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