How To Put on a Wig When You Have Long Hair?


Do you have long hair and wondering how to put on a wig? Are you looking for a clean, bump-free finish or any trace of your natural hair?

Stop looking around, you’re in the right place. We are wig experts and know exactly how to help you.

In this article, you will discover the secret to easily slipping your long hair under a wig. After reading this article, you will therefore be able to slip any mane under a toupee.

Let’s discover all this together now!


Just a warning, if your wig is tight (small) and/or you have thick hair, this may not work on you. But in the majority of cases, this technique remains very effective.

First, here’s what we used.

What we supply:

  • Wig cap – they are pretty cheap.
  • Hairpins (this works great)
  • Wig – The wig used was a short black one from the store

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  • We will now have to twirl these braids to make a Heidi hairstyle.
  • Take the first braid and bring it under the opposite braid, up and around the front of my head.
  • When it’s on the front of the head, it seems to grip and hold the wig better, but it’s also more visible.
  • So you can put the braids where you want and test them for yourself.
  • Secure the braid with bobby pins in the front. Leave it looser at the back, but you can also secure it with bobby pins if you want.
  • After securing the first braid, take the next braid and cross it under the opposite braid to bring it over the front of the previous braid. Secure it again with bobby pins.


Use a wig cap to help hold the braids in place. This is to prevent bobby pins from digging into the wig and to help retain loose hair.

Try to put as much hair as possible under the cap.


  • It’s time to put on your wig!
  • If you have the braids at the base of the skull, it will be easier for you to put the wig on from there.
  • wear a wig when you have long hair
  • Braids help hold the wig in place so it doesn’t try to slip as you stretch it over your head.

Optional: Once the wig is in place, you can use bobby pins or other hair clips to hold it in place. The one used for this demonstration had a clamp on the back to help hold it in place.


You have understood it, with a good technique, it is possible to put on a wig when you have long hair. You just have to apply yourself and not skip the steps.

Thanks to this article, you are now able to make beautiful braids with your long hair in order to slip your wig on your head without any problems.

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