How to choose your wig?

The supply of wigs seems almost infinite, there are so many possible choices among the ranges of hair products on the market. 

For you to find the wig model that suits you, here are some criteria to consider:

Hair length and style

For a first wig, we advise you to choose a model that visually comes as close as possible to your current hairstyle and hair length. This will make it easier for you to get used to wearing a hair prosthesis.

Then, the shape of the face is a determining factor. So, for faces with a   rather oval shape, all hair lengths and hairstyles are suitable.

For round faces, the choice must be oriented towards wig models with more volume on the top of the head or with longer hair on the sides, so that the face appears more elongated.

For angular faces, where the contours of the forehead and chin are more marked, curls are more recommended because they help create a contrast to soften the strict lines of the face.

Finally, for heart-shaped faces, small squares with bangs are particularly suitable, as they harmonize the different parts of the face.



The manufacturers offer a wide range of colors! It is important that these are suitable for the complexion.

We prefer rather warm or rather cold colors depending on the case. Also, when colors are mixed or highlighted, wigs look more natural because even natural hair reveals different shades of color in the light.

The type of assembly

The quality of the wigs differs in particular at the level of the mount, that is to say, the way in which the hair has been fixed.

What you need to remember is that the inside of the wig is covered with a more or less thin fabric, called a frame, which gives pride of place to comfort.

Special flexible rods located at the temples allow them to ensure the hold of the model. Thanks to adjustable elastic bands at the nape of the neck, the wigs can be adjusted to your head circumference;

The differences between the frames are mainly in the coating that constitutes them and in the way in which the natural hair or the synthetic fibers are implanted and tied.

What are the existing mounting systems, how can they be combined and what are their advantages, this is what we will explain to you in the article “Which mount to choose for your wig?”.

The quality of the hair fiber

Synthetic fiber

Today, manufacturers have ranges of synthetic hair wigs where the naked eye cannot distinguish the fiber from one’s own hair.

These synthetic fibers are very easy to comb because the movement of the hair is memorized in its structure; the models of synthetic hair wigs thus keep their hold perfectly and can be restyled simply with the fingers.

The big advantage of synthetic fiber is that it offers a very wide color palette.

At a glance, the advantages of synthetic fiber:

  • Cheap
  • Choice: many models with a wide range of color shades
  • Particularly light: the synthetic fiber is lighter than natural hair
  • Ready to wear: the synthetic hair wig keeps its original look after cleaning; the high-end fiber memorizes the perm carried out before the knotting of the hair. Thus, the wig can be worn immediately after each wash/cleaning.
  • Easy to maintain
  • Models can be cut


Synthetic hair does not support any heat source, whether oven, hairdryer, straightener, etc. Regular friction caused by the office or car seats, scarves, or synthetic sweaters can damage the fiber. When taking particularly strong medications, perspiration can cause the frame to change color.

To ensure that synthetic hair retains its shine for as long as possible, we recommend using suitable care products for each cleaning.

Natural hair

Human hair wigs are premium products. They are lightweight and the models guarantee you a natural look that allows you to better face the ordeal of wearing a wig.

The natural hair wig is similar to our own hair. We can style it differently every day and color it as needed; which allows you to appropriate it more easily and to express yourself by following the trends of the moment.

For natural hair wigs (also applies to natural hair extensions and hair extensions), the most important thing is to apply the appropriate care and with the right accessories!

Since natural hair cannot regenerate itself biologically, it requires external care. To do this, manufacturers have designed a range of care products that perfectly meet the specific needs of natural hair and that contain the essential substances to wash the hair without damaging it, restore its shine and keep it looking supple and natural. , like :

  • shampoos to intensively clean the frame and the hair.
  • balms to make the hair particularly silky and easy to comb, to be used for dry, tangled, and damaged hair

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