How Much Does A Brazilian Wig Cost In 2022?

Brazilian wig is considered the best, but the price is also very high. Between the price of wig (normally 3 bundles), maintenance and renewal, you have to plan a hell of a budget. Here’s what you need to know about the average price of Brazilian natural hair wigs.

The price varies according to the number of packages

In order not to buy too many packets for Brazilian wig, you must know certain points concerning the wicks or extensions: of course, the number of packets varies according to the result you want to obtain (open weave or closed weave). The more packages you buy, the more the cost of wig will increase.

Sarhap Hairline offers you lots of 3 packs of 100 grams at an attractive price. It will cost much less than buying 3 packs separately. Note that if you want to do a closed weave then you will have to buy a lace closure or a frontal lace in addition. The price is around R4,700 depending on the size.

As a general rule, each bundle of wick weighs an average of 100 grams regardless of length. Be careful, because there are quite a few sellers who offer packages of less than 100 grams, such as 50 grams for example. So be sure to check before buying. The longer the wicks, the greater the number of bundles to have sufficient volume.

The price varies according to the quality of the hair

As there are many types and grades of wigs, it is not always easy to distinguish between good and bad quality natural hair extensions.

The price varies according to the texture

A curly or curly weave is a little more expensive than a smooth wig. In general, there is still between R50 to R200 difference depending on the texture of the hair (the type of curls)

For example, on our website, a package of 20inch Highlights curls Malaysian curls sells for around R3000.

Is the price a guarantee of quality?

Finally, unfortunately, the price is not necessarily a guarantee of quality. You really have to know what type of product you are dealing with before buying. The best is always to buy by checking customer reviews. And the most important thing is to find a good seller who really guarantees good value for money.

Where to find Brazilian wigs at the best price?

If you buy on a South Africa site, like Sarhap Hairline, all costs are included in the price displayed at the time of purchase.

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